Tabatha Izanna

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For the ones who don't know, Tabatha is one of my original characters, and it's been around almost since I started sharing my artworks on this site.

It surprised me how long has been since the last time I drew Tabby in her non chibi form. A lot has changed in her design since that, and of course I've changed and improved as well, So I decided it was about time to do something new and awesome involving her.

This picture was based on a sketch presented to my patreon supporters some time ago, and I thought it would look wonderful if I made into an artwork :)

Drawing Process

I really had fun with this artwork, it's been some time since I drew "Tabbyz" and it was interesting to see how she would look using my actual skills. I definitely need to do more of everything! continue to improve my anatomy, improve my coloring, write and sketch even more comics.

While it might be stressful at some degree, I find it really exciting too, all the possibilities that lie ahead, so much room for improvement and more ideas to be released:la:

I would invite you to do the same in your daily life, Let's keep working and improving everyday, it's totally possible.

You could also consider becoming my patron, I would definitely appreciate your support immensely. I'm the process of developing more exclusive content for my patrons like the one you're seeing. I'm as well listening to your feedback and your personal suggestions and you're welcome to join :)