Happy Birthday

In the far future, if your reading this, and it happens to be your birthday, congratulations! Maybe this message was destined to reach you as well, maybe you needed it and it would make you feel better. You can share a piece of cake with us as well :)

Birthdays should be indeed a happy moment in our existence, and a time for celebration. A good moment to appreciate a new an wonderful year that we've lived in our lives, time for happiness, and also a good time to evaluate everything: what we are, what we have become, and what we aspire to be throughout our lives.
Maybe it's time to congratulate ourselves for becoming a better person; Or to examine ourselves, to see if we're happy with the things that we've been producing, for our benefit and for the benefits of others.

Thanks your support, have a happy birthday and I hope you had a really nice day with your friends and family. Be sure to save a piece of that cake with Amanda, I think I hear a growling tummy all the way up here :O

If you were wondering, Tabby (Blonde hair) and Amanda (Light blue hair), are character created by me. You can learn more about them here: Link