Mason Addler

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I wanted to try a lot of stuff with this artwork, and I used all the digital painting skills that I'm capable of at this moment. I tried adding different tones, light effects, composition, textures, and anything I could think of to give more life to the forest I wanted to depict.

I probably got a little carried away while painting all the details, but I really like the result. I'd love if this becomes the standard quality of my artworks from now on. Also, I'm aware that there's lots of room for improvement, and that's awesome! Time will show the progress step by step :)

Mason description written by Terrel Coleman

Age: 32
Height: 5.11" (It bothers him that he is just shorter than six feet, and it drives Iva crazy that he is just a little taller than her)
Favorite colors: Earth colors, such as the several types of green, brown, gray, and black.
Favorite Food: Gixian Festival Food. (Similiar to Chinese Food)
Children: 1 Adopted Daughter.
Spouse: Wife, deceased.
Home Town: Bounteous Village
Weapon of choice: Machetes and potions.

Mason was a gifted youth who's parents were well off and had the means to send him anywhere in the world for schooling and apprenticeship. His home town is a village close to the capital city of Kinmar.
His family took him to the university, trying to narrow down what field of study the boy would be interested in. While there, he met an old elf man named Elso. Elso was kind and helpful in guiding the boy into alchemy. Namely, botany and potion making. He has no natural talent for magic. He can however create clever potions as a substitute.

For Mason's outfit, I suggested one utility belt, instead of two, since I felt it wouldn't be easy for him to remove his coat. Also, I didn't think it would work inside his coat, either. As you can see in the sketches, it'd be awkward and impractical. Usually, I tend to overthink this stuff, but in this case it was really helpful.

I added special gloves to his outfit, from a thin but protective material, that can allow him to touch dangerous materials if necessary. 

Some previous stages in his character development: