Iva Narita

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After a lot of work behind the scenes, I can finally present you to Iva Narita! Panda Emoji-11 (Clap) [V1] 

A complete re-designed version of a character created like 15 years ago by Terrel Coleman. He expressed to me that he wanted me to bring a new life to his character, because he didn't have a worthy representation of the character that he envisioned all this time. 

We've been working several aspects of her redesign these past weeks, like her facial features, outfit and props, her color scheme, etc. He and I, as well as my supporters on patreon, can agree that the process was worthy. I really thank them for their support :)

Drawing Process

The first frame contains the original version of Iva done by Terrel Many years ago.

You can find a complete version of her re-design process in my patreon page, where you can support me to keep making artworks like this one :)

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Iva's Profile Character by Terrel Coleman

Age: 107
Height: 5.9
Favorite color: Red
Favorite Food: Rabbit. Anything with Rabbit.
Favorite Game: Poker, but loses at the worst possible time.
Relationship Status: Widow. Husband (Randolf Nerida Jr.)
Children: 2. One son, passed away (Randolf Nerida the 3rd) . One daughter, still alive (Alyssa Milonika Nerida. AKA: Aly)
Birthplace: Clayboria Forest
Current Home: Wolfbane Valley
Magic Powers: Limited Wind magic that she's learned from her grandmother, magic ring that can turn her into a brown wolf. Tries to keep the latter secret.
Known relatives: Grandmother (Carmen Narita) Father (Feloran Narita) Brother (Caro Narita) Sister (Signe Narita)

Current Situation: After being wrongfully accused of her husband and sons murder ten years ago, Iva Narita has been in hiding and has all but given up the assassin life. Her grandmother found her whereabouts and has been rehabilitating Iva and taking care of her.
Now through a series of unusual events, the Clayborian government is willing to give her a chance to clear her name, reenter Elvish society, and most importantly, find her daughter. With the help of her former (and reluctant) brother in law, and a basket toting thief, She may just have her life back. If she can stop a war, uncover the real murderer and keep from tearing apart her comrades. How hard can that be?