Happy Halloween (Animated)

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What? Of course I know lots about "Holaween" I know all of it!

Originally, this was going to be a 4 panel comic strip, but then I started wondering how it would look if I made it a gif. So, I kept adding frames and frames until it was good enough for the idea. This is my first attempt at making an animated comic (if you don't count an animation that I made way back in 2008), so I hope you like it.

The style of the characters in this comic was inspired by this previous comic strip: Link

I know the idea might be a bit silly, but I think it wasn't only just about the idea, but more like being able to give more life to the work that's already out there. I will keep learning more fundamentals to see where that gets me. I already see lots of interesting things I can make with this style. 

You can also see the process of creation of this comic here in my patreon page, where you can support me to keep making adorable comics like this one, fan art and more stuff. Even the smallest amount would be of great help. Thanks a lot :)