First Tabby Drawing (2007)

Originally shared on Patreon on December of 2015: Link

While I was checking my old files the past year, I found a sketch of what it appears to be the first Tabby sketch I ever made.

Despite officially creating the character around 2010, I can't help but see the resemblance between Tabby and this unnamed character I made back in 2007, I guess it's a good thing I keep this stuff around with specific dates.

Based on this, I like to think that Tabby was there from the start, waiting around the corner for her time to shine :D

Another interesting fact is that I wanted to settle Tabby's birthday in April, even before seeing the sketch (either 7th or 14th of April). I was pretty shocked to see that this drawing was made really close to those dates, so I think I'm gonna use that date because literally that's the day she was born.

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