Cassandra Nelbrook

3rd Artwork made for Terrel Coleman (Coleslayer) in exchange for his patreon support :)

I'd like share the description of this character provided by him. We started her character design from scratch.
Cassandra comes from a race of sun worshipers called, Arkinians. They believe the sun is Arkin, the mother of their race after she ascended to glory.
Arkinians are a very unusual magical race. Their hair is white, all but the tips which are either, green, red, or purple. And they are always born with a birth mark in the shape of marks they call, Arkinshy's.
Cassandra comes from a VERY well off family, and at times can be a bit sheltered in her attitude and beliefs. She can get in the way and be clumsy, but has a very good heart.
In her society, she is a "Priestess of Light unto the Sun (or Arkin).
Her magic is controlling light and creating fire like the suns. This also means she can take light away and make things pitch black, and evoke shadow magic if needs be. She tries to avoid this however. It's kind of a two sides of the same coin, type of thing. You can't have light without the dark.
Her weapon is a simple wooden staff she uses for casting, and as a walking stick. She stands at 5.7" and has pale skin, white hair with green tips, purple eyes, and the birthmark of the sun on her shoulder which she displays at all times.
She wears priestess robes, and a skyblue dot on her forehead as part of her station in her role as a priestess.
You can find her design process documented in my Patreon page: Link