Pichurlie Brown

If you want to know where this idea came from, you can watch this episode of Game Grumps: Grumpcade - Pokemon Art Academy 11 

...And if you wanna blame someone, blame Ross and Barry for putting the idea on my head
Barry Kramer Game Grumps Emoticon Ross O'donovan (Rubber Ninja) Game Grumps Emoticon 

I felt almost compelled to do my rendition of it. Being a fan of Peanuts and Pokémon myself, I couldn't resist to make my own version of it. 

To be honest, I had a lot of fun emulating the Charles Schultz Style, with that loose hand draw... so good. With the colors, I was trying to evoke the low saturated colors of the cartoon.  

As I've said many times before, it's good not being stuck with one way of doing things, one style. Exploring new stuff makes you reevaluate the way you usually work and you might learn so much on the way.

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