Now it's time for a little fan art of Paper Mario: the thousand-year door. The cute goombella, and a humanized version of her (With arms and legs) YAY!

I gotta say she definitely changed the way I saw Goombas as a whole. There she was, kicking stereotypes in the face and looking cute while doing it. It was awesome!

Such a clever and witty girl, she fullfiled her role as guide for you in this crazy and fun adventure  just perfectly in my opinion. That and her tattle ability made her a very essential part of your team on this wonderful Mario RPG game.

I also love her headbonk ability. I always tried to make the perfect timing execution for stylish movements. Just talking to you about all this made me want to play the game again XD 

I should make another fan art of her. If you want to see her again, feel free to leave a comment or you can ask me directly while supporting my works on Patreon :D

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