Thanks for the watch

(This comic was especially made by the people that follow my works on Deviantart, If you're familiar with the site. You'll get this joke XD)

First of all, thank you for being watching my gallery, it’s nice to have you around :)

I really appreciate the time you take to see my artworks as well as reading some of the comics I make, and I wanted to translate that into a more tangible thing.

Usually, when I get to your profile after receiving your watch notification, I tend to find an endless line of comments saying the exact same thing, “Thanks for the watch” :giggle:
I always try to mix it up a little bit to not fall short into thanking properly or to show that I really mean it. So, I wanted to find a funny new way of doing it that fits better into my way of being. I hope you like it.
Of course, I’m not only saying this for the newcomers, but also for you that have been around for a long time here:

“Watch for the Tanks!!!” :tank:

I made an alternate version of this one, just because I thought you might fell more comfortable to be represented in another way. Feel free to pick the version you feel more fitting :D