#$@%* admins Be #$@%* bots

The title is a reference to the Splatoon 2 Pearl's demo before she joined Off the Hook (#$@%* Dudes Be #$@%* Sleepin): Link

Some might be aware that last time DA "admins" decided to remove half of my Shantae pictures using the current restrictions of "erotic and fetish content" (Link ), based on the fact that the character is 16 in her "original context", Invalidating my depictions of an adult version of her, so I thought to myself...

What would happen if I tried the total opposite and drew a character that looks younger despite being older in its "original context"?

If you read closely, based on the wording of the current restrictions they give priority to the "context age" without any particular mention of appearance, hence why aged up versions are still technically not allowed. So, in theory, almost all depictions of characters like Pearl should be protected by the same policy, because she is in fact 21 in her "Original context" (It's true look it up), so any attempt of removing it using the same restrictions should be invalid.

Would they give priority to appearance over age if someone were to claim it?... Because last time I checked they removed more than 30 submissions from my gallery because of the age of a character, without any consideration of its appearance. 

Personally, I still think it's dumb to threat swimsuit pictures as if they were erotic or fetish content by nature, but I'm 90% sure that the removal of all my artworks didn't solely respond on the content itself, but rather the fact that it was reported by trolls... That doesn't change the fact that I should have been able to ask for a revision from DA staff if I thought they were making a mistake, because now I have my doubts if there's real humans behind the help desk of this site.

I'll now proceed to upload all my artworks as usual until I stumble into another hurdle, thanks for reading :)