(2015) Drawing Linker

Back in October of 2015 I was experimenting with the type of content I could share on my patreon, and this was one of the attempts I made. Based on this simplified design of my avatar Linker that I made back in 2015: Link

I didn't had a 1080p camera at the time, so I recorded the original at 640p, but I reduced the size to 320p so the gif could run decently.

I kept it simple and short because I wanted to test how efficiently I could do a process like this. I never tried doing a similar thing after this one because my computer started malfunctioning badly during the making of this video, so I just took it as a bad sign.

It wasn't easy to record either, I tried to do it in one shot in awkward position with the tripod and the camera right next to my face. I was most likely doing it wrong.

Don't bother clicking the link below, I just want to have an easy access to the original post... besides, The gif provides all the same information as the original thing so it's okay. The original edit of the video is so outdated that I'm just going to keep it private for curious patrons and myself.