1/2 genie hero of time (All tunics)

Back in September of 2015 I made a little artwork called "Half-Genie hero of time" and some people around might be familiar with it... however, I'm sure that very few people know that back when I made it, I also made ALL THE TUNIC variations for my patreon page.

If you go back to the old artwork you can actually read it in description, but I'm sure most people ignored that little detail and moved on. I had only a couple of supporters during those days, so this little bonus was slowly forgotten over time.

After I accepted the failure of my first "patreon adventure" back in 2017, I started releasing all the content and little sketches that I made during that time. These artworks were always on the list, but after the little reception the rest of the uploads got, I genuinely had my doubts if you would even find these interesting at all.

I was also trying to find a good way to share all the pictures on Deviantart without making multiple uploads, so I made this GIF as a preview so you can see them all at once before checking the Tumblr and Imgur links... It took a while, but I hope you like them.