Tool test - Garfield

Made on Pokemon Art Academy for the 3DS. This is my first time exporting a file from art academy, so I didn't know that game pasted a watermark on the artworks, and while is not that hard to remove, I decided to leave it to prove that I did in fact used that software to make it. 

As you saw on my previous Animal Crossing Pixel test, I always tend to pick Garfield for this sort of test, mainly because it's a simple design that I've memorized after years of drawing it as kid, and at this point it's also kinda becoming a tradition of mine.

While it's not the most advanced and complex tool to work with, I think I can make some good use of it, so next time I'm going to try to do something crazier that might fit your taste a little bit better.

It's all about practice! you can't expect to draw the best piece of art ever if you're barely learning how the tools works.