(2011) Animal crossing - Pinky pixel art

As I explained in my previous Garfield pixel art (fav.me/daq8fgf) Animal crossing City Folk for the Wii was my first experience with pixel art back in 2010/2011.

I made a couple of designs for it despite how awkward it was to paint with the pointer of the Wii remote, and since the game had a screenshot option I took a few pictures to preserve them.

Granted, they weren't super detailed or anything, but it helped me to understand how to created pictures using squares on a grid. Experience that I later used to create artworks like the Shantae Pixel walk Cycle, or the Tabby pixel Portrait.

Pinky was my favourite villager from my first Animal crossing ever and I incidentally happened to immortalize her in this painting... Good times.

"Mmm, going back from a hard day of hunting bugs and find a plate of Pupusa"

For those who don't know "Pupusa" is a typical food in my country. I was actually really surprised that it was included in the game dialog. I've never seen it referenced in any game before or after.

I do not claim ownership of this photograph, it's just for referencing purposes.