Caperucita Amanda

"Caperucita roja" is the Spanish name of "Little red riding hood". To be honest, I prefer the Spanish name a lot more, you can even shorten it further to "Caperucita" and it still works.

Back in October of 2016, I made a poll to decide what type of artwork I should make for Halloween. Here's a picture of the results:

Character poll (October 2016)

The option that was voted the most was "cute and sexy"with Amanda as the winner, and this was the result:

Under my spell

Among the style poll, there was an option that read "Infinitely cute! (The smallest and most adorable version I can make)" and this is the artwork I was planning to do in case people voted for it. Ultimately this option didn't get many votes, so the artwork never went beyond the original sketch... until now.

2DS sketch (2016):

Clean sketch: