(2007) Fresas

Still life drawing of Strawberries. Made with Colored pencils, drawing area 13x8 inches (33.5x20.5 cm). The date behind it reads "February 8th, 2007"

At the time I was learning how to mix colors and how to control the pen pressure to get different types of shading. It sure took me a long time to replicate the design of the tablecloth as well as the shading in each individual seed of the strawberries.

This drawing was hanging in the walls of my room for a couple of years along with others I did during that period of time, and 10 years later I'm finally able to share it publicly.

I find it interesting that despite all the changes I've experience in my art style, Strawberries kept being a theme in my artworks in one way or another:

P.S: Fresas is spanish for "Strawberries"