4WBD - Not even once

I know that only 1% of people will care or follow this plot development, but I felt I needed to give closure to what I started here:

It might sound stupid, but every time I went back to that artwork, I couldn't help but imagine my avatar Linker pulling this cart for 2 years straight without any help. (8 years if you count from the moment I joined Deviantart)  Tragic, but funny.

I also have to give Tabby all the reason here, I deserve what I got. 

I also have to give Tabby all the reason here, I deserve what I got. I was just being limited my own artistic choices, never realizing that the answer was there right beside the whole time.

4th Wall Breakdown will be a series of comics featuring all sorts of characters, from personal creations, other people's creations or even characters from popular franchises, all of them interacting with each other freely. Every idea that doesn't follow a particular order or canon is welcomed, but most importantly, the characters are free to acknowledge the reader if they feel like it. 4th wall rules don't apply, Everything goes.

This is not exactly a new idea, because I've been making something similar since I joined DA in 2009: 

At some point, it used to go by the name of "Nexus":

Nexus: Sillines 
Nexus - Daniel

...Until I realized that Nexus was smartphone brand and Google SEO would literally send me to oblivion.

Other examples:

Thanks for the Watch!
Gallery announcement

I could also argue that "Linker files" also fits here, but it's a tough call:

Garfield doodles (1998)
First Shantae sketch (2005)

The main difference is that now I can easily sort them into one big category, while separating them from the other comics that I'll be making.