Pokemon Alternate forms - Ice Charmander

Created as a part of a personal project involving Charmander's line of evolution.


Fun fact: This idea actually came before the regular charmander line, but I decided to share the other one first for people that like the usual evolution line.

Based on the new Alolan forms like the ice vulpix, Ghost Marowark, and the dark type meowth, I wanted to make my own alternate evolution line, so I created an ice type Charmander with a little cube on his tail.

Charizard evolves into a dragon type to become strong against fire and higher temperatures (dragon types are resistant to fire)

The ice on its tail it's not that easy to melt because his body temperature keep it stable (like ice on a fridge) although during his Charmander and Charmeleon state it's not the best for him to live in deserts or places with strong temperatures.

As you can see, they obviously like cold places, so if you gave shelter to one of this little creatures, you would need to adapt your house to their needs

For the second evolution I imagined a playful scenario, a Charmeleon playing with his trainer in the snow.

I pictured the regular Charmeleon would hate to be covered in snow in such a cold environment, so this is a perfect scenario for his counterpart.

For the last evolution I sketched this scene: "A grumpy looking Charizard with a fishing rod". After that I decided to make a full artwork of it.

I don't know if I'll be doing more of these, but alternate forms sure are a fun concept, I just wonder how many official ones we'll be seeing in the future.

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