#Big Dreams

(Reading order from left to right)

Commissioned by ExuberantCurtain

I usually don't take comic strip commissions because of all the time and effort it takes to make one...

However, it's been a some time since I was able to make a comic with Tabby, and since she gave me freedom to adapt the original idea as I pleased, I was able to make it lighthearted and explore what Tabby would do in this sort of situation.

This is probably the first time I've made a black and white comic with Tabby on it, so if you were somehow curious about how" Manga Tabby" would look, now you have it

Willa was also a fun and cute character to work with, I really liked her design, I just hope she has a way to control our pastry eating "little" monster. Either that, or enough money to cover the expenses

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