See also previous sketch (2013):
Roll Sketch

I decided to expand the drawing in favor of a full body picture. I also wanted to keep the theme consistent, so I sketched a giant E-Tank for her to sit.

Fun history with Roll. Back in 2003 - 2005 I owned a copy of Marvel VS Capcom on the PS1 , and I remember seeing all the extra content like the concept arts in the gallery, you obtained new pictures after beating the game with certain character. 

More or less like these pictures:


Roll happened to be one of my favorites because at first I didn't even know she was in the game. I discovered her by accident trying to play as Megaman. This was back when you had secret characters in the game and not only payed DLC ones. (I just love secrets in videogames)

I really like the illustrations, and I remember trying to draw a couple from it but failing miserably. I still have those sketches saved in my files

... Anyways, at that point in time I never thought I would ever be able to make artworks similar to those in the game, and here we are.

The item in the BG of the picture is the Screw or Bolts, used as currency or collectibles to buy items from Megaman 7 to 10.