Lucina Fit Trainer


Starting 2016, I had this sudden urge to draw Lucina for some reason, and at the same time I wondered: Has somebody already drawn Lucina wearing the Wii Fit Trainer's outfit?

The answer... Well, probably. I mean, we're on the internet, after all! However, I didn't want to scrap the idea.

I also made some variations of Lucina's expressions. Download the RAR file with them in my Patreon for FREE: Link

Part of the idea involving Lucina's artwork was to make a masked version, too.

Since she's supposed to be disguised as Marth while using the mask, I figured it would be fitting for her to use the male trainer outfit to go along with it. Besides, I wanted to draw short haired Lucina too, and this seemed to be the best way to do it.