Happy Halloween (Edited With Process)


I made this comic for the last halloween, and I decided to make a small animation and submit it in .GIF format. One of the critiques I received was that you weren't able to read it at your own pace because the GIF auto plays itself. I thought it was a fair comment, so I decided to fix the problem.

I started with a rough sketch to see how the comic would look as an animated GIF. After that, I cleaned up the animation, and I kept adding frames to make the transitions smoother.

The final piece has a different timing because of the additional frames. Some pauses were added to make it look more like an animation.

I think it's cool that the process itself looks like a 3 panel comic.

Originally, this was going to be a 4 panel comic strip, but then I started wondering how it would look if I made it a gif. So, I kept adding frames and frames until it was good enough for the idea. This is my first attempt at making an animated comic (if you don't count an animation that I made way back in 2008), so I hope you like it.

The style of the characters in this comic was inspired by this previous comic strip: Link

I know the idea might be a bit silly, but I think it wasn't only just about the idea, but more like being able to give more life to the work that's already out there. I will keep learning more fundamentals to see where that gets me. I already see lots of interesting things I can make with this style