Under the moonlight

I was a bit uninspired since my last artwork due to life circumstances, and I decided it was about time to revisit and bring back to the gallery my all time favorite, muse of deviantart. I'm talking of course about Amethyst Lashiec, or, as I used to call her, "Amecchi", Created by my good friend Tara.

At first, I wanted to do a quick artwork of her, but as I went on, I got carried away with the details, adding more and more stuff... And it probably ended up being one of my most elaborated artwork at the moment. I'm quite impressed myself. I'm finally be getting good at this guys! Just maybe :XD:

Come to think off, it's a huge step forward,  with that humble first artwork of Ame that I did back in the days: (link)
There's something about Ame's design that just keeps dragging me towards it, I just love it. :D

Amethyst Lashiec, From Heartcore comics, belongs to Tara Lei Welker.