Linker 2008 (I've come a long way)

Edit 2015: wow, look a this piece, one of my first on the site and I've come a log way since then. I still like to look at my old pieces to see how much I have improved and this is a good example of it. So if you're out there doubting that you can do it, just take the inspiration on this and keep working. You'll eventually get so good that people will come naturally, and maybe you'll also be able to make some good friends on the way.

Don't forget that, we focus so much in the final result that we don't even find the time to enjoy the journey. I'm not even ashamed of featuring this because it means a lot to me. It's been a long journey to come to this point, and I hope I keep discovering more wonderful things about my art an my friends on what's ahead of me yet

I really hope so, So what I can say is, enjoy what you do and don't wait for anyone to tell you to do something, or that you worth something, JUST DO IT, NOOOOW, GO GO GO!

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